BPure Box Q&A


Answers to Questions You Might Have About the BPure Box


Why does my invoice reflect $0.00?

All BPure Box charges are processed on the 1st of the month. If you order any other day, the charges will not be processed until the 1st of the following month.


When will I receive my box?

Your box will be shipped around the 23rd of the month. Please keep in mind that in order to receive your box around the 23rd, your payment must be processed on the 1st of the same month.


Why don’t you offer free shipping?

We ship all of our orders via USPS and pay for each shipment. Being a small business, we do not get high discount rates. The rate we offer for the BPure Box is lower than it should be as the USPS prices went up.


How to cancel subscription or re-subscribe?

You can manage your subscription easily from your account anytime.