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May BPure Box Review

Happy belated Mother’s Day to all our wonderful mothers! I hope you had a wonderful day; I certainly did. May’s BPure Box has shipped and pretty soon you will be enjoying all the cuteness and products included.

Featured Brand

About Wild Botanicals. Wild Botanicals is located in Champaign, IL and is run by its owner Felicia.

Felicia’s Words about Her Products and Business.

This is my passion, a part of my heart. I love what I do so much and am very grateful I get to wake up and create my own formulations.

I started making salves and creams over 10 years ago. Once my daughter was born in 2013 I decided to make a business out of the natural products I was already making. Everything I make is put forth with love and good intent. The formulations I put together are to help people use natural products and become a healthier being.

Peace and Love


Featured Product: 


Wild Botanical’s Lavender Bath Salts

First of all, I have to say that these are so cute; I love the packaging! Once you enjoy an at-home spa-day, you can definitely reuse this cute bottle. Bath salts are very popular, and for a good reason: they provide amazing benefits.

Himalayan Salt Skin Benefits:

Salt harvested from the Himalayan Mountains can improve the texture, tone, and appearance of your skin. It also aids in powerful detoxing, prevents muscle cramping, combats water retention, and can decrease stress.

Dead Sea Salt Skin Benefits:

The Dead Sea Waters contain 27% of various salts compared to the 3% found in normal sea water. Dead Sea Salts contain magnesium, calcium chloride, bromides, and potassium.

-Magnesium: Combats stress, prevents fluid retention, slows skin aging, and calms the nervous system.
-Calcium: Prevents water retention, increases circulation, and strengthens the nails and bones.
-Potassium: Helps with cell regeneration, balances skin moisture, and energizes the body.
-Bromide: Eases muscle stiffness and relaxes the muscles.
-Sodium: Balances out the lymphatic fluid, which is important for immune system function.

How to Use: Add the entire bottle to a warm bath.


May’s #bpurebox Handmade Soap. #sneakpeek It smells 👌🏼💕 as good as it looks! All Natural + Vegan 🌿🌸

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Jasmine Orange Handmade Soap

This month’s soap has a beautiful and pure orange scent with a hint of lemongrass, and it is topped with beautiful Jasmine flowers that add a delicate touch.

This soap contains colloidal oatmeal for gentle exfoliation, coconut milk, shea butter, and other skin-loving oils.

Heaven Body Butter

Our Heaven Body Butter will melt on your skin, leaving a luxurious, moisturized feeling. Made with all-natural, yet luxurious ingredients like Shea Butter, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, and Sweet Almond Oil. There is no water in our formula, which means you will be treating your skin with pure luxury. Ahhh, not to mention it smells sweet, delicate, and amazing!


Key benefits

– Gets Rid of Dry Skin
– Mega Moisturizer
– Awesome Aftershave
– Skin Regeneration
– Callus Eliminator
– Naturally Scented
– 100% Natural & Vegan


June’s Feature Brand


We are currently accepting subscriptions for our June Box and the featured brand is Kaya Soaps!

If you haven’t subscribed yet, the last day to subscribe is June 1st. Hurry!

Not sure? Here is a sneak peek!

The June BPure Box’s included soap will be….. Honey Lavender! Don’t miss out and join right now.

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